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Marketing and Selling on the Internet

Mack Hanan Consulting online marketing blogMarketing and selling on the internet involves reaching potential clients through direct and indirect means. It requires imagination, patience, some technical understanding and – most importantly – a solid founding in marketing fundamentals. 

Online Marketing from Anywhere

One of the benefits of an online business is that it you can run it from wherever you are – the office, on the go, or from the convenience of your home. A recent research says that a quarter of online customers go shopping online where it is assisted with digital or electronic commerce which Internet marketing is a big part of.

Direct advertising and marketing methods like the traditional radio and TV ads, direct mail and offline newsletters all inspired Web marketing. The difference is of course that online marketing produces results which can be instant.

Ecommerce Sites

Online marketing websites are slightly different than others. There are websites which are being used to exchange services and products (peer to peer). And others are built where customers need to specify the price range they can afford and select items that are within that range (name your price model). Priceline.com is a good example of such internet sites.

Customers who prefer to maximize finding the lowest prices use a find-the-best model websites like Amazon.com. The rest are the internet auction websites like Ebay.com and Gumtree, where customers quote the items available and the best bids normally get to win said items.

The businesses that utilize online marketing stand to benefit greatly. New markets can be reached quickly and (relatively) easily, something which was impossible before the invention of the internet. Because of comparatively-low financial investments, even small companies are beginning to rely more on online marketing to grow their businesses. Websites and blog sites have been created specifically to educate business owners about this.

E-commerce-driven businesses can also use e-newsletters, sent directly to customers. These customers can either buy directly from links on the newsletter, or navigate to the website to browse for their own preference.

Page Load Speed Matters

Google and online consumers are looking for websites to load quickly. Websites which are slow to load are being pushed down the search engine results, so it makes sense to check our load times frequently.

You can use plugins, manual code updates and image compression techniques to improve your site’s page load times. If you need help with this, the good news is that there are plenty of coders available online who can give you a hand for a small investment.

Protect Your Online Data

One of the biggest risks of online purchasing is identification theft. Paying online using credit cards potentially expose customers to hackers.

If you’re selling products or services online, you’ll want to invest in an SSL certificate. Your web host provider will be able to install it for you, but be mindful that you may have to tweak some of your plugins for the SSL certificate to work correctly.