Growing Your Opt-in List: Proven Strategies

Growing Opt-in List - Strategies

Building an email marketing list is something that every online entrepreneur needs to do if he or she wants to make money. It is essential to have this knowledge. Taking the knowledge that you have, and doing something with it, is the other half of the equation.

There are many things you can do to increase the number of opt-ins for your mailing list. Some of them are quite easy! Your creativity is your only limitation when doing this. In this article, we will look at email list building techniques that have worked for others, and will most likely work for you as well.

A Joint Venture

Put together a joint venture with another Internet Marketer. Take steps to ensure that the other marketer will make just as much profit as you will. You need to have a good working process too. Once you’ve built a good and solid relationship with your joint venture partner, ask to borrow his list or ask him to ask his list to join your list too. Because you have established a good working relationship he will trust you.

Your Product

The product you’ve created together gives his list a reason to trust you. What’s even better is that you’ll be earning more money through the product the two of you have created. This offers everybody a win-win situation. It is possible to buy lists from a variety of places on the Internet. This is definitely a good way to expand your own list quickly. Of course, it’s also great for getting labeled as a spammer and getting the FTC (Favorite, Thumbs up, Comment) all up in your business.

This article is supposed to be about ways to actually build your list but we would be negligent if we didn’t include a warning not to give into temptation of taking a “shortcut” which is simply buying a list from someone else. It’s really better to build a list by your own efforts, and it’s definitely going to be a better profit earner too.


Not all forums are friendly to marketers, and some of them will not allow any marketing of any kind. Just always remember to read the TOS (Terms of Service) of any new forum you are thinking about joining because you do not want to violate them. People who read and appreciate your posts will visit the link in your signature to find out what else you might have to say on the subject and then opt- in in the hopes of getting to those thoughts and opinions. Some people have had great success with buying advertising in forums, so think about that too because it can decrease the time.

If you want to make money on the Internet you need to know how to build your very own list. This is the best way to earn a profit. It hardly means that the process will be simple. Passivity is definitely an option and you could simply publish an opt-in box and hope for good things, but if you want to truly earn a profit, you will put some honest work into your list and use the tips and tricks we’ve outlined here. Time is money, after all, so stop sitting around and get to work!

Marketing and Selling on the Internet

Mack Hanan Consulting online marketing blogMarketing and selling on the internet involves reaching potential clients through direct and indirect means. It requires imagination, patience, some technical understanding and – most importantly – a solid founding in marketing fundamentals. 

Online Marketing from Anywhere

One of the benefits of an online business is that it you can run it from wherever you are – the office, on the go, or from the convenience of your home. A recent research says that a quarter of online customers go shopping online where it is assisted with digital or electronic commerce which Internet marketing is a big part of.

Direct advertising and marketing methods like the traditional radio and TV ads, direct mail and offline newsletters all inspired Web marketing. The difference is of course that online marketing produces results which can be instant.

Ecommerce Sites

Online marketing websites are slightly different than others. There are websites which are being used to exchange services and products (peer to peer). And others are built where customers need to specify the price range they can afford and select items that are within that range (name your price model). is a good example of such internet sites.

Customers who prefer to maximize finding the lowest prices use a find-the-best model websites like The rest are the internet auction websites like and Gumtree, where customers quote the items available and the best bids normally get to win said items.

The businesses that utilize online marketing stand to benefit greatly. New markets can be reached quickly and (relatively) easily, something which was impossible before the invention of the internet. Because of comparatively-low financial investments, even small companies are beginning to rely more on online marketing to grow their businesses. Websites and blog sites have been created specifically to educate business owners about this.

E-commerce-driven businesses can also use e-newsletters, sent directly to customers. These customers can either buy directly from links on the newsletter, or navigate to the website to browse for their own preference.

Page Load Speed Matters

Google and online consumers are looking for websites to load quickly. Websites which are slow to load are being pushed down the search engine results, so it makes sense to check our load times frequently.

You can use plugins, manual code updates and image compression techniques to improve your site’s page load times. If you need help with this, the good news is that there are plenty of coders available online who can give you a hand for a small investment.

Protect Your Online Data

One of the biggest risks of online purchasing is identification theft. Paying online using credit cards potentially expose customers to hackers.

If you’re selling products or services online, you’ll want to invest in an SSL certificate. Your web host provider will be able to install it for you, but be mindful that you may have to tweak some of your plugins for the SSL certificate to work correctly.

Researching the Market in the Infosphere

Marketing is the general term given to all the various activities required to make a product or service available for purchasing. These steps can include identifying customer needs, establishing the selling price & desired profit margins, deciding on the location to sell the product and figuring out the best way to position the product or service in the market.

The Marketing Mix

Product marketing is a vital part of the marketing mix. Its objective is to boost sales by making a product or service recognized to a wider audience, and to emphasize it’s most attractive points. Companies can advertise in a variety of ways, depending on their marketing budget and their target audience.

The different media for advertising can include television, radio, papers, publications, the web and direct mail. Direct mail generally consists of flyers, sales letters or other offline print media to attract attention and immediate response.

Online Focus

Today, most advertising is performed online. This can be via email marketing (still highly effective when done properly), Facebook advertising (hugely popular right now due to the ability to scale, test and modify campaigns so quickly) and Google Adwords (although this has fallen out of favor for many marketers due to the increasingly high costs involved).

If we had to choose one platform to start out with, we’d have to strongly suggest Facebook advertising. Never before have companies had the ability to laser-target their customers, thanks to Facebook’s data gathering abilities. Say what you will about privacy (and many do!) but from a marketer’s perspective, it’s pure gold.

The Power of Online Press Releases

One very popular way of promoting products or services is by using online press releases. If your article is truly newsworthy, you can choose many popular online press release sites which can then syndicate your article to over 200 quality news sites. One of my associates, Michael Irwin used such a service to promote his Queensland property investment service, Pivotal Homes.

Updating Your Business Directory Listings

You may choose to add your new product or service to your online business directories such as YellowPages and Yelp!. The more places you list your offerings, the more chance you have of attracting more leads & sales.

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

The one mistake you’ll want to avoid when advertising is this: forget branding. You want your audience to take action NOW, not later. We’re all busy. We’re all distracted by Facebook, Twitter, the phone, our families… so you want to encourage your audience to seize the day so to speak!

Your call to action (or CTA) can include:

  1. Providing their email address in exchange for a free report
  2. Providing their email address in exchange for a free video
  3. Providing their email address in exchange for a free training course
  4. Providing their email address in exchange for a free coupon
  5. Providing their email address in exchange for a free sample / trial
  6. Watching a video
  7. Requesting a quote
  8. Providing their email address in exchange for a free sample / trial
  9. Liking your Facebook page

The key is to offer something of perceived value in exchange for their contact information or action. 5% savings will not do that! You may need to get creative in order to come up with the right offer.

Online Marketing Strategy: 5 Dumb Mistakes People Make

online marketing mistakes to avoid

You may have heard that some online marketing methods are not really working well. When you ask business owners about this, they all tell you a similar story. It’s easy to recognize that when SEO is concerned, people are making a great deal of foolish blunders. Here are the five usual blunders that people tend to make when promoting their websites:

1. Trusting their Internet Marketing Specialist Completely

The very first mistake is to trust their Internet Marketing specialist completely. It is certain that in any type of company partnership, you always have the option to depend on the services you acquire. But you do not want to trust them so much that you ignore what they claimed they were going to do when they were actually not going to do it. If, after signing the agreement, your Internet marketing professional puts his feet up and begins relaxing, it may be time to find a brand new Online Marketing technique.

2. They Believe that SEO will Address All Marketing Problems

An additional dumb blunder is when they believe that SEO is going to address all of their marketing problems. Internet marketing is definitely necessary but forgetting the traditional methods of advertising for your company is also preventing some people from finding out about your business. If you are selling extra computer system parts, you could simply wish to stick to Internet Marketing, yet if you are offering family clothing, garments or pizzas, you should intend to check out other options in advertising too.

3. Not Maintaining Correct Documents

The third silly mistake is to not maintain correct documents. When starting a marketing campaign, you have to have a standard understanding of the number of clients you are currently generating and how much earnings you are making and etc.. If you have no idea on these numbers before you begin the campaign, how will you recognize if your Online Marketing method is working or not?

4. Internet Marketing Takes Place at an Unfinished Website

The fourth error is putting your Internet Marketing method in place before your website is finished. Undoubtedly, great Online Marketing methods are going to get people to come to your website, however if they get to see a website that is still under construction, they are not likely to bookmark it and definitely not going to pay a visit again. See to it that you have a high quality website promoting a quality product before starting your advertising and marketing.

5. Not Having Online Marketing Approach

The last mistake is to not have an Online Marketing approach. You badly need one if you are a company that has just started. If you are not on the Web yet, you are most likely missing a high percentage of consumers. Not knowing how to explain what your Web marketing method is, you’re likewise getting scammed as it will do nothing for your company at all. You need to be able to describe what is happening in your business as well as what your advertising objectives are.

If you are a new entrepreneur, you’re probably excited about the entire process of getting people to come to your website and possibly buy your items online. Online marketing approach could be complex, same as how people can make mistakes. The secret to an excellent campaign is an understanding how you can obtain the most from what you are paying for.

Bonus Tips in this video:

Preselling Tactics That Work – Get Great Results Fast

Preselling tactics that workIf you want to succeed with selling and copywriting, preselling is an ancient art and science you need to know. As you read, we will address only what works in the so-called “real world”, and not delve into the scientific ramifications.

The bottom line is that this technique allows you to get your audience relaxed and ready to buy. It is very hard to sell to a cold customer – you probably already know this. Preselling unassumingly allows you to warm up cold prospects in an informal way. If you want to be more successful, continue reading – several preselling methods are about to be explained.

If you want to create effective preselling content, you need to know your facts about what you are discussing. The reason you want to be careful is that there is so much misinformation on the Internet. The information that you find should always be double checked and the information verified. It is possible that people may see misinformation that you write, and ask you to correct it. It is also possible that they may comment somewhere that you have written misinformation yourself.

You could also make the mistake of contradicting yourself, specifically your sales page versus your content. Another approach to preselling is to compare and contrast two different approaches for solving the same problem. Throughout the world, you will see this commonly used. You could look at different angles for approaching a problem, especially if you can find two competing companies. This would be a great time to do a comparison, or to contrast them. You should avoid mentioning specific product or brand names using the strategy. What you want to do is talk about the benefits and drawbacks to each one. All you do then is mention your product or service as a solution, and the process is complete.

Key Preselling Copywriting Principles

Believe it or not, there are several copywriting principles when looking at preselling today. The reason for that is this is something that copywriters do every day in their writing. When it comes to writing, these guys and gals know what they are doing. They understand human nature, which helps them create content that is great. When you write your copy in an unassuming way, your preselling efforts will take you far. The way that you write is very simple – it is as if you are talking to your very best friend. That is how you address your audience. Be casual, friendly and help them like you would any day with someone you know. Instead of writing formally, you need to write in this manner which can be profound when utilized in the right way.

The art of effective preselling – this is something you can accomplish very easily, even if you don’t think you can. By selling to people, using this subtle tactic, selling your products and services will be a breeze. There is no deception going on with this method at all, and in fact you should be totally upfront at all times. This basically allows you to allow people to put their guard down long enough to hear your marketing message clearly. And when they get to your sales copy, they will be warm enough to want to buy what you have to offer.